Page, Michael Le. “Evolution Myths: Natural Selection Leads to Ever Greater Complexity.” New Scientist, New Scientist, 16 Apr. 2008,
This article was immensely helpful for my podcast. It clarified the misconception that natural selection results in organisms being more complex. I learned that the majority of the time natural selection results in simplicity within an organism opposed to complexity. Overall I found this article intriguing and helpful.

Page, Michael Le. “Evolution Myths: Natural Selection Is the Only Means of Evolution.” New Scientist, New Scientist, 16 Apr. 2008,
This is the second article that I’ve included written by Micahel Le. The information in this article is clear and concise. The author gets straight to the point while providing mutiple examples of evidence. Definitely the most helpful website in terms of information and structure.

“Survival of the Fittest.” Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.,
When debunking this misconception I was already aware that survival of the fittest doesn’t always mean peak physical condition but I still found this helpful. This article gave the history on the saying ‘survival of the fittest’ and also talks about why it’s false. This wasn’t a super strong source but I retained some information that I didn’t know.

Lincoln, Don, Ph.D. “Evolution and Survival of the Fittest.” Wondrium Daily, 10 Aug. 2020,
This source was also used to gain knowledge about survival of the fittest. Unlike the article prior, this article revolved mainly around evolution making it easier to find evidence. It was structured nicely and the content was accurate and informative.

Gloor, Lucas. “Why Evolution Has No Goal.” Crucial Considerations, 8 May 2020,
Out of all of my sources so far this one was by far my favorite. I was looking forward to debunking this myth in particular and this was the one article I found. It delivered the information well and elaborated on what the point of evolution is. A lot of what I talked about in my podcast stems from this article. I highly recommend it for people who want a deeper understanding of why evolution occurs.