Take Action!

Don’t stand by and let these misconceptions endanger the country we live in. Each and every person has the power to individually make a difference.

Lead by Example

  • Incentivize the vaccination process to everyone around you. Speak of it like something you should be proud of. By doing this it enables others around you to act similarly which can contribute to a greater cause.

Know the Facts

  • Stay up to date with the news and vaccination schedules. Follow data trackers regarding viruses in case there’s a spike or surge you’re unaware of.m

Make Your Vote Count

  • When voting make sure the candidate you’re offering your support to has a track record of pro-vaccine policy. Looking into something as simple as this could make all the change . Also, voting in general is very important so use this as motivation to engage in both.

Boycott Funders of Anti-Vax Campaigns

  • Although boycotting might be a step to far for some people, it doesn’t hurt to steer clear from these organization and encourage others around you to as well.