While reading this quote for the first time, I didn’t really understand it. It makes sense but it didn’t resonate with me; now it does. After finishing Term 1 biology I have a much better understanding of this quote. Biology is the way in which life functions – our bodies, nature, wild life – it’s all related.

Our focus for this term was evolution. Evolution is a process that takes place over millions of generations. It’s human nature to question evolution and how it works. There are several ways that evolution takes place: natural selection, artificial selection, kin selection, sexual selection and genetic drift. Each method has its pros and cons. No one method is better than another. That’s the point of evolution though; organisms are constantly changing so to make them better suited for their environment.

Life today is what it is because of the evolutionary process. Taking that into consideration helps you really understand the true meaning of the quote. Understanding the history of evolution is the key to comprehending biology. Evolution truly is a mindblowing process, and the more I learn about it the easier it’ll be to make sense of biology.